Village of Lumby Utilities
The Village of Lumby provides numerous services for its residents, including roads, water, sewer, parks, playgrounds, trails, sports fields, arena, curling rink and community centre. There are also fire, ambulance and police services servicing the community.




The Village of Lumby operates its own water system, comprised of a deep-well and surface source that flows through a gallery system. The water is contained in 2 reservoirs that retain 1.1 million gallons and is then gravity fed into the system. The water is chlorinated to meet health standards and is tested daily for contaminants.
The village also operates its own wastewater treatment and sanitary collection system. The wastewater treatment facility is a lagoon system and ultra-violet light disinfecting process prior to release into Bessette Creek. Bessette Creek is a spawning ground for salmon and as such the system is highly monitored and the standards of the effluent being discharged must meet the Oceans and Fisheries Standards.
Household waste pickup is contracted out by the village. Residential waste is picked up weekly. Commercial and Industrial waste removal is done by private contract. The recycling service is offered as part of the Solid Waste Contract. Paper and plastics are picked up bi-weekly.


Hours of Operation
Summer hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00am - 5:00pm
1882 Vernon Street, Lumby, British Columbia, Canada